Lilly came to us with a plethora of developmental concerns, both physical and emotional. She was born with a chromosomal disorder similar to Down’s Syndrome, and since enrolling in our program has been diagnosed with dysphagia, gross developmental delays, and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Lilly started at Southside when she was two and ½ years old; she didn’t speak, had frequent tantrums, and had already fallen very behind developmentally. Lilly is getting the special attention that she needs at Southside Family Nurturing Center and we often pause to marvel at her growth. We are amazed and pleased to share her progress!

Lilly’s received speech therapy, occupational therapy, individual and group music therapy, and individual and group play therapy. Speech therapy has increased the amount of language she has and that she joyfully uses to express herself and the occupational therapy has gradually yielded increased mobility, balance and independence. Music therapy was added to Lilly’s therapeutic equation about a year ago.  Music therapy is a wonderful compliment and reinforcement of the skills she has developed in her other therapies, a time and place to practice both language and coordination.  With new and emerging communication tools, Lilly is engaging more with her play therapist, and has recently invited engagement with other children in the classroom. She is learning how to play cooperatively and how to solve problems. Today, she rarely tantrums, but instead uses words to get her needs met. We are indeed fortunate to have all of these services available to support Lilly and other children with unique developmental needs.