Children & Families Make Great Strides

We know that the brain is the most impressionable during infancy and early childhood and what a damaging impact trauma and neglect can have on early brain development; this is also when children’s brains are most open to learning and enriching influences, with the greatest opportunity for change — one reason why our early childhood intervention and home visiting program is making a remarkable difference in the lives of the children and families.

2023 Service Statistics

  • # Families Served: 44
  • # Family Members supported through Family Support Home Visiting Services: 173
  • # Children age 0-5 years: 44
  • # Children enrolled in Early Childhood Education: 41 100% of families served, live at or below 185% Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Demographics of children served in 2023 reflect the rich diversity of our community.

  • Latino/Hispanic (68%)
  • African Immigrant (14%)
  • Native American (7%)
  • African American (10%)

2023 Outcomes

Southside Family Nurturing Center utilizes measurable indicators of child and family achievement and program success across three outcomes areas. Below are our actual outcomes for 2023 with our goals for children and families enrolled in our program in parenthesis.

Children are Healthy

  • 78% of children are up-to-date with immunizations (95%)
  • 95% of children complete annual well-child checkups (100%)
  • 100% of children consume a nutritious breakfast and/or lunch Monday-Friday (95%)

Children are Ready for School

  • 100% of children enrolled are assessed for developmental delays (100%)
  • 71% of children who were not age appropriate received early intervention including occupational, speech, physical, music or play therapy (90%)
  • 92% of children maintain or improve their social-emotional functioning (85%)
  • 63% of children showed 1 or more years of developmental process in all areas of development over 12 months (85%)

Children Live in Safe, Stable, and Nurturing Environments

  • 68% of families demonstrate positive, responsive parenting techniques that support children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development (75%)
  • 73% of families consistently promote their children’s language development (85%)
  • 100% of families access community resources and referrals (95%)

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