Children Make Great Strides

With high-quality therapeutic intervention, children make significant strides. Of children served in 2017:

  • 88% of children are up to date on immunizations and 77% have completed their well child check.
  • 69% of toddlers and preschoolers engaged in a regular tooth brushing routine. The remaining 31% participated in tooth brushing whenever possible.
  • 100% of children consume a nutritious breakfast and/or lunch Monday-Friday.
  • 100% of children explored the world of food cultivation, harvesting, processing, and preparation through regular classroom and neighborhood garden facilitated activities.
  • 100% of children fully evaluated at SSFNC demonstrated progress in all areas of development.
  • 92% of children who were not age appropriate received early individual therapeutic intervention: speech, occupational, play and/or music therapy.
  • 92% of children showed growth on individual goals set by teachers.
  • 86% of children maintained or improved their social/emotional development.

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