Educational Disparities

American Indian and Hispanic/Latino children in the Phillips Community experience the poorest long-term educational outcomes in Minneapolis.

85% of white students graduate from Minneapolis Public Schools in four years compared to:

  • 59% of Black students,
  • 50% of Hispanic students, and
  • 37% of American Indian students.

Students who struggle with early literacy concepts when they are in Kindergarten are often the ones who are struggling to read at the end of third grade. Reading at the end of 3rd grade is highly correlated with graduation rates.

  • In Minneapolis, only 36% of Hispanic children tested ready for Kindergarten compared to 94% of white children,
  • Only 43% of American Indian students met the 3rd Grade Reading Proficiency benchmark in 2015, and
  • Only 1 in 5 American Indian students and 1 in 4 Hispanic students graduate on time.