Leadership & Service Delivery Team

Board Members

  • Raleigh Fromstein, Special Education, Minneapolis Public Schools
  • Fred Herron, Retired Project Management Leader
  • Jonathan Horick, Chief Investment Officer Together Capital Advisors (Board Treasurer)
  • Cheryl Mosisa, Public Health Nurse and Doctor of Nursing Practice, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics
  • Randy Nelson, Manager of Strategic Solutions Group, HealthPartners (Board Secretary)
  • Joy Shealer Orson, CPA (Board Chair)
  • Michelle Thompson, Attorney, Anoka County Attorney’s Office (Vice Chair)

Leadership Team

  • Julie Ellefson, Executive Director
  • Jennifer Bridges, Children’s Program Director
  • Diane Cullumber, Development Director
  • Laura Beth Landy, Accountant

Direct Services Team

  • Maribel Atilano Horopeza,  Cook/Kitchen Manager
  • Ben Bugbee, Bus/Administrative Coordinator
  • Valarie Carbello, Speech Therapist
  • Britany Geoghegan, Lead Preschool Teacher
  • Ana Guzman, Assistant Preschool Teacher
  • Anya Helgeson, Lead Preschool Teacher
  • Fatumo Isse, Home Visitor
  • Morgan Kavanagh, Assistant Preschool Teacher
  • Alicia Little, Music Therapist
  • Lindsay Markworth, Music Therapist
  • Ruby Machuca, Home Visitor
  • Gene McBride, Facilities Management
  • Ethel Nahmad-Faith, Play Therapist
  • Andy Paulson, Early Autism Intervention
  • May Louise Shea, Lead Toddler Teacher
  • Jamel Summers, Assistant Toddler Teacher
  • Kari Waderich, Occupational Therapist
  • Maryam Yusuf, Assistant Toddler Teacher

On-Site Partners

  • Barbara Bettelyoun provides clinical supervision and reflective practice for Home Visitors and Parenting Support providers.
  • Capernaum Pediatric Therapy provides speech and motor skill development therapy for children with special identified needs.
  • Ethel Nahmad-Faith provides Child Play Therapy
  •  Ignite Child Development Services provides early Autism intervention services.
  • Twin Cities Music Therapists use music to promote health, empowering children to become actively invested in their process of growth.