Who We Serve

Southside Family Nurturing Center’s services are available to families living in the Phillips Community of South Minneapolis.  Families qualify for therapeutic early childhood education and family home visiting services based on income and history of trauma.  We serve approximately 50 families per year.  Families participate voluntarily because they want to nurture strong futures for themselves and their children.

Phillips Neighborhood At-A-Glance

Our families live within a 2-square-mile radius of Southside Family Nurturing Center, in the Phillips community of South Minneapolis.

Total Population: 20,218
Size: 2.0 square miles
Children Under Age 5 in Poverty: 57%
Median Household Income: $43,117 (2022 dollars)
Single Parent Households: 24%

39% Black
28% Hispanic
22% White
5% American Indian
7% Multi-Racial

Phillips Neighborhood Map

The Families & Children We Serve

Geographical Area: 2.0 square mile radius of our building in the heart of the Phillips community
Living at or below 185% of Poverty: 97%
Single Parent Households: 40%
Children Facing 2+ Risk Factors: 75%
Children with developmental delays: 75%+
Parents who self-report trauma related to current and/or past domestic violence: 50%

American Indian
African American
East African