“Children living in poverty experience delays in brain development that put them at risk for higher academic failure.”

  • More than half of all American Indian, Asian, and Black children in Minneapolis are living in poverty.
  • Phillips is home to the largest urban American Indian population in the state (Little Earth) where currently 98% of residents earn a median income of $8,500 and 47 percent of heads of household are unemployed.
  • Phillips is also home to the largest Hispanic/Latino population in Minneapolis and has the worst school outcomes for Hispanic/Latino and Native American children in Minneapolis.
  • Phillips has the greatest depth of poverty of any Minneapolis community, including the North side. “Even as poverty was declining in most parts of the region…the [Phillips and Central] area’s poverty rate…increased to 64% in 2007-2011.”
  • Phillips alone is home to the largest number of children under age 5 living in poverty (57 percent) and nearly a quarter of children in the neighborhood live in single-parent households.